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Graduates and Friends Foundation (FUDEA)


Paulina Hidalgo

Executive Director

Telephone:  (56-2) 718 1300

Fax:  (56-2) 6883487




FUDEA is a non- profit private organization, created by the Universidad de Santiago on December 1998, that depends on a Directorate, headed by the President of the Corporation, Dr. Juan Zolezzi Cid. Its Executive Director is Paulina Hidalgo.



“We are a non- profit, private right Foundation whose objective is to strengthen the feeling of identity and belonging, the professional, working and personal growth of graduates and friends; to empower and enrich the relationship between the University and the graduates, keeping a permanent link that facilitates the continuing education and the relevant information about the market, contributing to the evaluation of the University offer. In this way, the Foundation contributes to the construction of a more equitable society and extols the image and prestige of the Universidad de Santiago in the national and international community.”



To be an organization that provides a service of excellence integrates all graduates, contributes to its progress, supported by professional management, with social responsibility, based on the productive work of the people, acknowledged and valued by the community of the Universidad de Santiago and by those who share its principles and values.”


Its objectives are:

  • To establish, keep and strengthen the feelings of identity and belonging with the University, integrating the graduates to a professional community that, with its development, permits them to extol the image and prestige of their University.
  • To facilitate and support the personal, working and professional development, in a permanent way, adding value to the graduates’ activities; this contributes to the improvement of their life quality.
  • To empower and enrich a relationship University- Graduate and Graduate- Graduate that permits the continuous approximation to the University excellence with social responsibility.



The services area is the one which facilitates the onset of the reason for existence of the Foundation. It offers our beneficiaries the services that permit us to achieve our Mission. Among the most important ones we have:

  • Contacts network
  • Employment system
  • Refresher courses
  • Training
  • Counseling
  • Friendship meetings
  • Diffusion and promotion of professional services (Entrepreneurs)
  • Agreements
  • Inquiries service
  • Administrative-academic services
  • Professional practices
  • Thesis topics
  • Seminar management
  • Scholarships
  • Meeting rooms