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Inter-Universities Transfer


  • To belong to one of the universities from the Consorcio de Universidades Estatales (as a regular student).
  • To certify that 40% of the subjects that correspond to the applicant’s career have been passed.
  • Academic excellence, with an average grade over 5.0.
  • All subjects passed, none pending.
  • The first stage of the application is based on these three requirements.
  • To get a request from the Faculty where the career is imparted. The request must be attached together with the following documents and the corresponding “Usach stamps” asked by the Faculty must be paid.



  • Grades Certificate that includes failed subjects (grades record legalized by the University).
  •  Study plans and career syllabus (recognized as official by the University).
  • To attach the curriculum plan.
  • Certificate of regular student issued by the unit in the last fifteen days.


Application Dates

First semester: until December 14th. Second semester: until June 29th (if the dates fall on Saturday or holiday, the documents will be received until the previous working day).


Stages of the Transfer Approval:

  • 1st stage: the cases meeting the first three requirements are studied.
  • 2nd stage:  the documents and the case are studied by a commission appointed by the Faculty which gives the final result in no longer than two months.



Web site

For further questions, call the Faculty you want to transfer to.

Engineering: (56-2) 718 3000

Administration and Economics: (56-2) 718 0700

Humanities: (56-2) 718 2300

Chemistry and Biology: (56-2) 718 1000

Medical Sciences: (56-2) 718 3500

Science: (56-2) 718 1900

Technological: (56-2) 718 0500

Bachelors Program: (56-2)  718 4452

Architecture: (56-2) 718 4300