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The Editorial Department is celebrating its 25th anniversary

  • The Editorial Department of Universidad de Santiago is celebrating its 25th anniversary. Since it was established in 1993, this department had never been located inside the University campus.

On January 12th, the Editorial Department of Universidad de Santiago celebrated its 25th anniversary. This department was established under the Presidency of Eduardo Morales Santos, the first President after the return of democracy in Chile and from then it has become an important channel for book publishing.

The Editorial Department of Universidad de Santiago was established in 1993 to meet the need of disseminating and exchanging knowledge at local and external levels. This department aims at publishing different works written by people who are part of the University community or of other institutions and from various cultural and scientific backgrounds in Chile and abroad.

Based on its principles, the Editorial Department is more interested in achieving high standards for literary production than in the revenues derived from sales. These high standards will give the University real benefits, so this is why it is important to strengthen its image through long term investments.

The Editorial Department will emphasize the quality of the work, the depth in the subject matter and the relevance of authors. The Editorial Department acts inside the University as a means for the dissemination of outreach activities in various technological platforms. Its ability to operate is based on the scientific, humanist, cultural and technical richness of its publications.

Changing its offices to the Planetarium from this year on is an important milestone in the history of this department: Since its establishment in 1993, it had never had its offices inside the campus.

The Editorial Department of Universidad de Santiago produces high level publications related to all areas of knowledge that give account of all scientific and literary work in the University, making a real contribution to society.

Manuel Arrieta, Director of the Editorial Department, thinks that one of the challenges that they face is to increase the visibility of what they are doing. He also says that they will try to be attractive for the academia and to extend culture. “I don’t think that any editorial department is created in universities so as to earn money. Everybody knows that culture is not profitable but it improves one’s image”, he added.

Along with the emphasis in the new facilities, the Director also wants to put emphasis in expanding the spectrum of books published. The current catalog includes 15 collections of about 200 books. However, Arrieta wants to create two extra collections: One of manuals for students and a “I want to know” collection, devoted to children who want to find answers to simple questions.

Other challenges are to promote the digital format, to develop strategies for book selling and marketing and to convert some popular readings into audio books for disabled and aged people.

Translated by Marcela Contreras

Carolina Reyes Salazar