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Planetarium of Universidad de Santiago was awarded funds by CORFO and ALMA-CONICYT

  • The Planetarium was awarded funds by the Chilean Economic Development Agency and Alma – Conicyt to continue producing immersive animations in fulldome format and promote them in international markets. Thanks to these funds, two of its short films will be broadcasted at important fulldome festivals around the world.

The Planetarium of Universidad de Santiago was awarded funds by the Chilean Economic Development Agency (Corfo, in Spanish) for participating in events to promote audiovisual productions in international markets. In this way, the Planetarium will be able to take its short films “3,2,1 ¡Despegue!” (3,2,1 Lauch!) and “Bot y Lu: El Escape del Agujero Negro” (Bot and Lu: Scape from the Black Hole) to important fulldome festivals abroad, like the FullDome Festival Brno, in the Czech Republic, in June 2018; the Jena FullDome Festival, in Germany, in May 2018; the International Festival of Planetariums, in Mexico, in June 2018; and the Immersphere FullDome Festival in Brazil, in November 2018. The Mexican and Brazilian markets are very important as these countries have 34 and 72 planetariums, respectively.

The Planetarium was also awarded an Alma – Conicyt 2017 Fund to produce the second part of the Bot and Lu saga: Bot y Lu: S.O.S H2O! that will be launched in June 2018. The film will show the beauty of the universe and it will explain the importance of water for human beings and how this element is sought in other planets.

Jacqueline Morey, Executive Director of the Planetarium, explains that the fact of having been awarded these funds “is a recognition for the work done by the Planetarium during the past years. Creating its own immersive animations was a great step and going to the international market was the next one. As we have the only Planetarium in Chile, our work is to go beyond our borders and continue promoting science and astronomy. Besides, our agreements with Sernatur (Chile’s National Tourism Service), the Coquimbo Region and Marca Chile, allow us to share our astro tourism with the rest of the world.”

Translated by Marcela Contreras

Elena Pantoja