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Scientists at Universidad de Santiago de Chile discovered active ingredient in Antarctic plants that can act as sunscreen

  • After a series of studies conducted at the Vegetal Biotechnology and Physiology Laboratory at Universidad de Santiago, the research team led by Dr Gustavo Zúñiga has discovered two species of plant in the Antarctic

Researcher studies new type of steel to reduce losses in mining industry

  • The Fondecyt Regular Project led by Dr Alberto Monsalve, a researcher at the Metallurgical Engineering Department, seeks to reduce economic losses in mining industry by introducing TWIP steel, a poorly studied material in the field of scien

Senegalese percussion and dance group performed at Universidad de Santiago de Chile

  • The African group’s folkloric music show attracted the attention of the university community at the facilities of the School of Arts and Crafts. They performed a broad repertoire that included ritual and everyday music. 

U de Santiago strengthens links with Guatemala

  • The Guatemalan Ambassador Rita Claverie de Sciolli, visited Universidad de Santiago and met with Dr Juan Manuel Zolezzi, President of the University, to strengthen the links between her country and the university, particularly in relation t

Planetarium of Universidad de Santiago de Chile signs agreement to export audiovisual content

  • The Planetarium of Universidad de Santiago de Chile signed a collaboration agreement with the Association of Mexican Planetariums.

Professor at the Department of Physics publishes works on spintronics

  • Dr Simón Oyarzún Medina, professor at the Department of Physics and researcher at the Cedenna of Universidad de Santiago, published two articles exploring the handling of magnetic materials and the development of new kinds of transistors.

Universidad de Santiago promotes research, development and innovation

  • Through the Fondecyt Regular Contest 2017, Universidad de Santiago was awarded funds to conduct 27 research projects in different fields of knowledge.

Universidad de Santiago proposes a new predictive model to measure air pollution

  • The improved model created by Dr Patricio Pérez, Coordinator of the Meteorological and Environmental Center at Universidad de Santiago, and Dr Ernesto Gramsch, researcher at that center, allows a detailed 

Universidad de Santiago is the leading state university in patenting

  • Universidad de Santiago filed 24 patent requests in 2016. Currently, it has 180 patents being processed, 83 granted patents, and 20 transferred patents in 27 different countries.