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It is a recognition of the neuroscientists’ work at the University"

  • In this way, Dr. Rodolfo Madrid, from the Faculty of Chemistry and Biology, refers to the Conicyt  funds granted for implementing a research ring that will join top scientists.

Outstanding place for the University at Inapi patenting ranking

  • For the second consecutive year, our  University was positioned in the third place of the largest national patent requests prepared by the National Industrial Property Institute (INAPI,  in Spanish). Dr.

The food potential of Acacia Saligna seeds is evaluated at Universidad de Santiago

  • The flour substrate of the seed would serve as a basis for generating special foods for diabetic and celiac people

Exploring possibilities for commercializing reconfigurated rice developed at the University

The product, a particular type of rice, produced by a project of the Facultad Tecnológica in 2008, with the support of the Fundación para la Innovación Agrícola  (FIA), is in the process of obtaining its corresponding patent.

The Faculty of Chemistry and Biology collaborates with Argentina in a project for developing lithium batteries

The Government of the neighboring country intends to build these devices in its territory, so it ordered its scientists to carry out this task. The Argentinian experts already have Dr. Juan Luis Gautier’s academic collaboration.

Philosopher studies implications of the microorganisms’ interaction with humans

What are we? Are we just our cells or microbes and other entities? These questions have many epistemological, ontological and metaphysical implications that were never taken into account, according to the philosopher Dr.

The antioxidants’ capacity decreases in old wine

A study by the School of Chemistry and Biology, found that old wine decreases the antioxidant capacity. So far, it was advisable to drink a glass of this beverage per day due to this property.

Usach, one of the 25 best universities in Latin America

The QS Top Universities Ranking ranks USACH in the fourth place, among the 14 Chilean universities, in the list of the 100 best universities of the region.