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Chilean President officially opens Universidad de Santiago’s Law School

In her speech, the Chilean President Michelle Bachelet highlighted that Universidad de Santiago is a space that promotes dialogue and trains leaders, focused on the historical processes of our society and fully committed to our country.

Researchers contribute to the reduction of the serious pollution caused by mine tailings in the country

  •  The study is led by Dr Claudia Ortiz Calderón, professor at the Department of Biology of Universidad de Santiago and it is being conducted by a research team of this university in partnership with researchers at Universidad Católica de Val

Chile’s large potential for renewable energies

  • This topic was discussed during the workshop “Hydrogen: Water and Energy Security for Chile,” organized by the Faculty of Sciences and the international company of environmental technology Adaptec S.A.

Universidad de Santiago and the University of Edinburgh to work collaboratively in the future

  • Dr Tom Bruce, Director of Internationalisation of the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, visited Universidad de Santiago and had meetings with Dr Claudio Martínez, Vice President of Research and Development; Carol Johnson, Head of the Depar

The ozone layer hole over the Antarctica may disappear by the end of the century

  • Fort the past five years, a research team of Universidad de Santiago led by Dr Raúl Cordero, professor at the Department of Physics, has been monitoring the ozone layer over the Antarctica to assess the impact of the climatic

Researchers at Universidad de Santiago identify the importance of potassium to combat chronic vascular diseases

  • The study led by Dr Juan Pablo García-Huidobro, researcher at the Cedenna and professor at the Faculty of Chemistry and Biology of Universidad de Santiago, showed that a diet supplemented with potassium improves vasodilator responses mediat

Faculty of Administration and Economics inaugurates Recicla building

  • On March 14th, authorities, professors, students and administrative staff of Universidad de Santiago participated in the opening of a new building of the Faculty of Administration and Economics.

Vaccine against bacteria that threatens the national salmon farming industry was successfully tested

  • The study led by Dr Brenda Modak, Director of the Department of Environmental Sciences of the Faculty of Chemistry and Biology, seeks to combat the high mortality of salmons in Chile, which in 90% of the cases is probably caused by the dang

Researchers found that wine industry in Chile and Argentina was founded by African-Americans

  • A study conducted by Dr Pablo Lacoste, professor at the Institute for Advanced Studies of Universidad de Santiago, shows that the Chilean-Argentinian wine industry that is usually associated to European elites was actually started by the wo

QS Rankings: Universidad de Santiago de Chile is the third best university in Chile and leader in Arts and Humanities

  • Universidad de Santiago was ranked among the 200 best higher education institutions worldwide in the subjects of Linguistics, Sociology, and Art and Design, according to the prestigious British QS Rankings.