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Students at the Architecture program won Alacero international competition

  • The team formed by Hugo Tello, Rodrigo Aliaga, Pablo Becerra and Javier Rojas, all of them 5th year students at the Architecture program of Universidad de Santiago, won the Alacero international competition.

Experts meet in a seminar to discuss strategies to improve the quality of wine

  • Chilean and foreign experts met in a seminar organized by the Center of Studies in Sciences and Food Technology of Universidad de Santiago de Chile, where they discussed the different options that they currently ha

“The Not Company”: Universidad de Santiago former students develop plant-based mayonnaise

  • These researchers seek to change the concept of nutrition through an artificial intelligence startup, which has also developed other 100% plant-based products with the same taste, texture and smell as traditional foods.

President of Universidad de Santiago participated at Conference on Higher Education Institutions in Mexico

  • The 2016 International Conference of the National Association of Universities and Higher Education Institutions was held at the National Autonomous University of Mexico.

Plant biostimulant and fertilizer developed by students at Universidad de Santiago succeeds in the international market

  • After the success of Nutrisato- an innovative natural fertilizer that increases by 50% the size of fruits, vegetables and plants- in the international market, its creators opened an agricultural additives company.

Publicist from Universidad de Santiago was chosen as one of the 25 best creative directors worldwide

  • This alumnus of Universidad de Santiago and creative director of his own advertising agency, Inbrax, was recognized as one of the best professionals in this area for his retail campaigns.

Department of Linguistics and Literature celebrates the centenary of the publication of the Course in General Linguistics

  • In a seminar that gathered renowned researchers from USA, Spain and Chile, the Department of Linguistics and Literature commemorated the centenary of this work by Ferdinand de Saussure, which is essential for the study of language.

Faculty of Engineering celebrates its 100 years

According to Dean Juan Carlos Espinoza, it is essential “to understand that Engineering projects not only generate wealth but a series of impacts that can affect the well-being of the population either positively or negatively.”