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Planetario Foundation

Ms. Haydée Domic Tomicic
Executive Director

(56-2) 718 2910 / (56-2) 718 2908

(56-2) 778 1325



This is the most important Audiovisual Center of the country. The dome size and the Carl Zeiss Stellar Projector model VI make it one of the biggest and most modern Planetariums in South America. Its official inauguration was on March 14th, 1985, and it became an autonomous, non- profit, Private Right Foundation, that self-finances all its activities. Since its inauguration, it has functioned without any interruption and it has been visited by more than three million people.

Its objective is “to be a space that promotes and diffuses the astronomy, the sciences and other cultural expressions among the public, in general, and the educational field through multimedia methodologies which are playful and interactive.”


Its principal functions

  • Production and presentation of astronomic audiovisual materials and other related disciplines, for students and public in general.
  • Night sky description.
  • Theme exhibits.
  • Astronomy courses.
  • Planetarium astronomy club.
  • Scientific diffusion talks.
  • Astronomy observation days.

The sections of the foundation

Administration and Finances Directorate

  • Head of the Sales Department:  Luis Durán Muñoz

Sub -Directorate of Development and Projects

  • Head of Communications: Andrés Muñoz Alfaro
  • Head of the Production Department: Alejandro Bascuñan Limón
  • Project Assistant:  Basilo Solís Castillo

Sub -Directorate of Operations

  • Sub- Director: César Valdés Antiqueo

Coordination of the West Santiago Cultural Circuit

  • Coordinator:  Sebastián Silva Caris