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Universidad de Santiago is one of the five most important universities in scientific productivity in the country. According to the Web of Science (WoS), the University recorded 447 publications in 2015

And according to Scopus Database, Universidad de Santiago recorded a total of 299 publications last year



Research projects

Currently (2016), Universidad de Santiago has 431 ongoing projects, both in Basic and Applied Sciences.

Out of these 431 projects, 288 are externally funded by the main national funding sources, like Fondecyt, Fondef, Fonis, FIA, Corfo, FIC, Copec-UC, Anillos de Investigación, among others.

Besides, the University has 143 ongoing internal projects funded by the Scientific and Technological Research Department (Dicyt, in Spanish), the Basal Program and the Vice Presidency of Research, Development and Innovation.


Invention Patents

In 2015, Universidad de Santiago filed 54 invention patent applications with international agencies (11), in the country (29) and also through the Patent Cooperation Treaty (14).




Centers and laboratories

Universidad de Santiago has 5 multidisciplinary research centers of international excellence and 111 research laboratories.



*Fondecyt: National Fund for Scientific and Technological Development

*Fondef: Fund for the Promotion of Scientific and Technological Development

*Corfo: Chilean Economic Development Agency