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The Faculty of Chemistry and Biology collaborates with Argentina in a project for developing lithium batteries

The Government of the neighboring country intends to build these devices in its territory, so it ordered its scientists to carry out this task. The Argentinian experts already have Dr. Juan Luis Gautier’s academic collaboration. He is an academic at the Faculty of Chemistry and Biology and one of the few researchers in this field in the continent. He expressed surprise at Senator Carlos Cantero’s statement about the absence of research on this subject in Chile,   even though we have large reserves of this mineral.

Philosopher studies implications of the microorganisms’ interaction with humans

What are we? Are we just our cells or microbes and other entities? These questions have many epistemological, ontological and metaphysical implications that were never taken into account, according to the philosopher Dr. Davide Vecchi professor at the University, who studies the subject in a Fondecyt Initiation Project.